Bar Room Decorating : Cabin Decor.

Bar Room Decorating

bar room decorating

  • Make (something) look more attractive by adding ornament to it

  • Provide (a room or building) with a color scheme, paint, wallpaper, etc

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  • Prevent or forbid the entrance or movement of

bar room decorating - BUTTERFLY White

BUTTERFLY White Vinyl sticker/decal (Bugs,decorating,glass doors)

BUTTERFLY White Vinyl sticker/decal (Bugs,decorating,glass doors)

This WHITE sticker measure 3" X 5" and it looks great on car or truck windows or stick it to any hard, smooth surface. After applying ONLY THE STICKER REMAINS, no clear material. (Sticker is shown in Black but is actually WHITE) We enclose illustrated instructions and a FREE plastic burnisher with every sticker order and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We ship immediately after payment. Any questions e-mail Bob and Judy's Market through Amazon as we are the original owners and manufacturers of this product. Beware of sellers who sell cheap copies of stickers that look like ours but are far inferior in quality!

80% (11)

Bar Brasília - Flickr

Bar Brasília - Flickr

"A casa foi inspirada nos antigos botecos cariocas, e a decoracao tem detalhes como lustres da decada de 50 que pertenceram a primeira sede do Banco do Brasil. Atras do balcao, as garrafas de uisque ocupam uma prateleira de farmacia de 1956. Do mesmo estabelecimento veio a porta de madeira que adorna a entrada dos banheiros".

"The house was inspired in the old Carioca "botecos", and the decoration has details as lusters of the decade of 50 that they had belonged to the first headquarters of the Banco do Brasil. Behind the balcony, the bottles of whiskey occupy a 1956 pharmacy shelf. Of the same establishment it came the wooden door that decorates the entrance of rest-rooms"

The Map Room

The Map Room

True to its name, the walls of The Map Room are decorated with maps of the entire world - and a few flags too, including our Norwegian :-)

bar room decorating

bar room decorating


This HUSKY DOG sticker is WHITE (Shown here in BLACK) and is about 2.5"X 5"in size and is made to adhere to car or truck windows (but will stick to any smooth, flat surface) and is tough, car wash safe! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We enclose ILLUSTRATED instructions and a FREE plastic burnisher with EVERY sticker order! If you have any questions just e-mail us at Bob and Judy's Market through Amazon. Beware of some other merchants who sell what appears to be exact copies of our stickers but are really cheap, inferior imitation decals. Buy only from BobandJudysMarket on Amazon.

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